Great Western Park Residents’ Assocation

Welcome to the website of the Great Western Park Residents’ Association (GWPRA).  We are a growing community living just west of Didcot.

The Residents’ Association (RA) was officially formed following a residents’ meeting held on the 24th May 2012.  RA meetings are to be held monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm until 9:30 pm in the Committee Room in Didcot Civic Hall.  There are no meetings planned for August in order to allow for annual summer holidays.

You are cordially invited to the meetings.  Please come along and lend your support in order to help make the night a truly successful one, as well as taking the opportunity to meet your new neighbours.  It is only by people’s attendance that will ensure the association is a true representation of the views of the residents of Great Western Park.

Great Western Park is a 3300 home development currently being built on the edge of Didcot which straddles the Vale border.

Plans include schools – both primary and secondary, shops, community centres, a health centre, open spaces and play areas.

The development is expected to take a decade to complete.


Petition for Parish Council Status

The Great Western Park [GWP] Resident’s Association [RA], represents all the residents of GWP which when completed will consist of 3300 homes. At the present time GWP has a boundary running through it such that roughly half is in South Oxford District Council [SODC] covered by Didcot Council and the remainder in the Vale of White Horse under the purview of Harwell Parish Council.

We [RA] are very concerned that this boundary will not only inhibit the full potential of GWP to develop as a single functioning community, but will cause a disparity in the provision of services to the residents as a whole. For example:-

  1. Provision of services such as the times and frequency of refuse collection may be incompatible.
  2. Rateable property value could be higher than a similar property located on the other side of the boundary.
  3. Maintenance and upkeep of GWP infrastructure would have a low priority.

To ensure disparity does not exist and that services are the same for everyone we believe that this can only be achieved by GWP receiving Parish Council Status thus ensuring a single decision-making body.

On behalf of the GWPRA, we would strongly urge you to support this petition in order that our case can be made as strongly as possible with the two district councils. This can be achieved by making your response no later than 14th May 2014 by either of one of the following methods.

  1. Download, print, sign and return the Residents’ Petition Letter to one of the listed addresses below or
  2. follow the link and complete the petition online.

Please return your completed slip to one of the following addresses:-

  • 17 Kingfisher Drive
  • 15 The Avenue
  • 17 Ashway