Great Western Park Residents’ Association

Welcome to the website of the Great Western Park Residents’ Association (GWPRA).  We are a growing community on a 3,300 home development, straddling the South and Vale border, just west of Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK.

The Residents’ Association (RA) was officially formed following a residents’ meeting held on the 24th May 2012.  RA meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm until 8:30pm, at the Boundary Park Pavilion, Great Western Park.  There are no meetings planned for August in order to allow for annual summer holidays.

Everyone is invited to the meetings, so please come along take the opportunity to meet your new neighbours and find out more about your Community.  

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Planning Application Southern Neighbourhood Park (Area T) P17/S1347/RM

This planning covers the play areas in the centre of the Southern District of GWP. The consultation deadline is 17/05/2017.

Some initial thoughts, please leave further FB comments, email or respond directly on the Council website:

  1. The northern portion has a road running through it; there must be provision for additional fencing and a pedestrian crossing and serious traffic calming bumps on this road. This is to better protect Children and Animals from the road traffic danger which will be present.
  2. The Southern Play area is well fenced from the spine road. Consideration should be given to protecting the Southern Exit gate with an additional fence section, preventing pedestrians or cyclists exiting the gate, straight into the road, unless this was to be opposite a dedicated pedestrian crossing with hard traffic calming.
  3. The area either side of the embankment slide should be also covered with bonded rubber mulch. The one at the Northern Play Park doesn’t and this has become a mud hazard for children and adults assisting children on the slide.
  4. The play galleon seems a good idea and perhaps the whole park could be a nautical theme. Maybe the applicant could consult with the South and Vale Arts officers to provide additional resources and advice.

Planning Application for Nursery Site District Neighbourhood Centre GWP – P17/V0762/RM

The application made by agent on behalf of Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd, a large national childcare provider already with some local nurseries in operation in the local area.

The GWPRA were notified on 12/05/2017 but the submission for comment deadline is 04/05/2017, presumably this has been extended. Follows are some initial comments from the GWPRA, please leave further FB comments, email or respond directly on the Council website:

  1. There is currently a very high demand for pre-school childcare on GWP. This is definitely a feature of a new estate with more affordable housing for the area.
  2. The occupants of the flats overlooking the play area should be subject to vetting (DBS), to ensure no unsuitable persons are housed there.
  3. The 17 Parking spaces maybe limited, given the number of nursery and pre school children proposed to be present. (33 Babies, 32 Toddlers & 32 Pre-School plus staff) Are there plans for a dedicated drop off zone? Would there be bans on parents using the carpark as is common? Would it be possible to make a shared parking scheme with the community centre and nursery, since their peak times are likely to be opposing? Oxfordshire Highways are also concerned about the Travel Plan, particularly the impact on Cherry Tree Road.
  4. There is no traffic calmed pedestrian crossing shown close to the Nursery, to enable safe passage across the spine road for the most vulnerable road users.

Planning application for the Northern Neighbourhood allotments – P17/V0244/RM

Some initial thoughts, please leave further FB comments, email or respond directly on the Council website:

  1. The applicants should be asked to provide a layman’s overview of the proposal, including an artistic drawing to assist the community in making comment.
  2. It is noted that the consultation period ended on 22nd March 2017, yet there have been amendments 25th April 2017, when is the new expiry date? Ideally it will be one week after the next Residents’ Meeting (14th June 2017).
  3. Twenty 20m x 12.5m allotments that are the standard area, dating back from Anglo Saxon times (250m2) Only 20 allotments to cater for over a thousand households seems very inadequate. Have there been consideration to halving the size to 125m2. This also makes them a more manageable size, given most people seem to have less free time in modern times.
  4. 20 carpark spaces, one for each allotment is very adequate, there would be an aspiration that owners would walk from their nearby homes, if possible.
  5. Composting area and water provision both harvested rainwater and mains is good.
  6. A significant number of new trees will be planted to surround the site, which appears positive. Is there consideration to making a walking trail through this area, outside the allotment fence boundary? There are many complaints about the lack of dog/family walking areas on the development.
  7. Didcot Town Council currently hold the allocation list, the allotments are just over the Border in Harwell Parish Council area. This is a long way from housing in HPC and extremely far from Harwell Village.
  8. Given the complex administration boarder situation on GWP, who will be running and managing this, will it be part of the Land Trust open space management plan?
  9. Will this be a statutory, as protected by the Allotments Acts or temporary allotment site?

Pharmacy provision at GWP District Shopping Centre

Are you in favour of a Pharmacy being situated in the District Shopping Centre, GWP?

Please visit the GWPRA Face Book Group poll or email with either positive or negative comment.

The NHS Appeal Unit have decided they will hold an Oral Hearing to decide the case and the provisional date for the hearing is Wednesday 14th June 2017. These hearings tend to be held at the NHS offices in Oxford, it is also likely that the hearing will commence at 1pm and last for 2-3 hours. If any Residents are able to attend the hearing then please let me know.