Great Western Park Residents’ Association

Welcome to the website of the Great Western Park Residents’ Association (GWPRA).  We are a growing community on a 3,529 home development, straddling the South and Vale border, just west of Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK.

The Residents’ Association (RA) was officially formed following a residents’ meeting held on the 24th May 2012.  RA meetings are usually held monthly on the second Monday of each month.

The next public meeting will be on Monday 13th June 2022 at 8:00pm, this will have a special presentation about the Health Centre. Following the suspension for Covid 19 Community Support, the meetings will be both online via Zoom and at Boundary Park Pavilion.  Everyone is invited to the meetings, so please come along take the opportunity to meet your new neighbours and find out more about your Community.

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GWP Health centre provision update

OCCG Update

  • OCCG provided an update to GWPRA on the Health Centre during the JUNE RA meeting
  • If anyone is interested in supporting the PPG (Patient Participant Group) they are always looking for volunteers – input into this group will also support this proposed facility.
  • Full video of the meeting is available on Youtube:
  • Key takeaways
    • Site plans to be 2 stories with a flat roof
    • Parking appears to have been addressed by trying to stagger patient times according to location
    • Centre will be an arm of the Woodlands Medical facility
      • Staffing will have to be split across the 2 sites
      • No need for patients to re-register if they are already at woodlands
    • Preferred builder has been identified
    • Pre-planning application has been sent
    • Various levels of planning and approvals need to happen before construction is underway
      • Still no defined timeline
      • Pushing for facilities to be ready by 2025

November 2021 Residents’ Meeting

Dear Residents,

The November 2021 meeting will be online and face to face at the Pavilion Boundary Park, 20:00hrs Monday 8th November 2021, please register the event here with Zoom if you want to attend. 

November’s meeting we have invited Julie from the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) to attend to report back on the GWP Healthcare centre.

Also please post any topics you want covered in the agenda in the comments of the Facebook Group or email I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kind regards


May 2021 Residents’ Annual General Meeting

Dear Residents,

The May meeting will be online, 20:00hrs Monday 10th May 2021, please register the event here with Zoom if you want to attend. 

Also please post any topics you want covered in the agenda in the comments of the Facebook Group, or email Likewise if you wish to volunteer to join the GWPRA committee, please contact the secretary by 9th May 2021 for more information or to register interest. The Poster below has some information:

Kind regards


Illegal encampment progress April 2021

Yesterday, on Tuesday 27th April 2021, the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, visited Great Western Park. This was quite timely, as again illegal encampers has tried to setup camp again in Didcot but had not used GWP and left after a few days.

She was joined by Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Barber, MP David Johnston, Cllr. Ian Snowdon and myself, Chairperson of the GWPRA. We had the opportunity to describe the significant community harm caused by the previous illegal encampments. We also had the opportunity to emphasise our belief in the need for changes to legislation, giving Police greater powers to protect our community against this threat. Some of the most affected Residents were also able to personally express their views of the situation to the Home Secretary.

We were also able to show how effective the natural target hardening of the bunds has been, since they were installed at insistence of the GWP Residents. Hopefully the improvements to legislation and continued target hardening will minimise any future aggravation caused by illegal encampments in GWP and beyond.

Our thanks go to all present for their continued support with this issue and in particular to Matthew Barber, for arranging this opportunity to directly deliver the experiences endured by GWP Residents.