Access for A4130 night time road closures east of A34 Milton Interchange

We are currently carrying out enabling works for the Backhill Tunnel cycleway scheme.

The site  in the A4130 east of the A34 Milton Interchange.

Diversion schematic

I am writing to inform you of the arrangements for traffic during night time closures of the A4130 section adjacent to Back Hill Tunnel.

Some elements of this work require road closures for traffic management, operational and safety reasons.

The attached plan shows the extent of the closure and the diversion route.

The closures will be applied between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM

The closure dates are:

15 March

16 March

17 March

18 March

Followed by

21 March

22 March

23 March

We may also use manually controlled temporary traffic signals during off peak hours to maintain productivity.

These arrangements are being coordinated with other works in the locality.

We will update you on any changes to this arrangement.



Patrick Mulvihill
B.E. C.Eng., M.I.E.I
Contracts and Construction Manager

Major Projects Commercial Delivery

Oxfordshire County Council
Environment & Economy
Speedwell House
Speedwell Street