GWP COVID19 – Community Support Group – Didcot – Oxfordshire UK

Please visit the NHS Website with information on COVID-19 before anything else. To practically help those that are “at risk” from Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) due to age or underlying conditions, we have set up a Community Support Group for Great Western Park Residents and beyond, ran by GWP Residents. Volunteers will help distribute food and other tasks to support those in COVID19 self isolation.

Need help?

If you live in the OX11 postcode (Didcot) or a village near Great Western Park, Didcot and require any support with access to food supplies; posting mail; a friendly phone call; pet walking; prescription delivery, or are likely to require help, please complete one of the Online Request Forms Below by clicking the image . Only email the support request inbox  if you are unable to use the forms. We also have a dedicated phone number to send text message (SMS) requests: +447520642520 . All personal information regarding requests is kept strictly confidential.

Want to volunteer?

If you wish to join the group of now 200+ wonderful volunteers, then please complete the following form:

It is vitally important you only conduct outside tasks if you have been fit and well for 14 days and everyone you live with has been well for 14 days. There are roles for the housebound, such as in administration, telephone calls or mask making.

GWP Community Support Progress

  • We have built an efficient online system and process for dealing with requests and assigning them to volunteers
  • We have delivered 3300 leaflets around the area
  • We have obtaining extensive protective equipment (PPE) for volunteers
  • Our community sewing team produced hundreds of face masks and 98 sets of Scrubs for the local NHS Hospitals
  • In 5 months, we have completed over 1,150 assistance tasks which includes:
    • We have delivered nearly 700 food packages across the wider Didcot area
    • We have delivered over 340 prescriptions to those unable to collect
  • We have set up a physical local “Hub” firstly at Boundary Park and subsequently moved the the Northern Neighbourhood Community Centre, to assist volunteers and reduce onward transmission opportunities
  • We have setup an online, email and SMS request services
  • We continue to work with the Councils, Charities and Hospitals to help service their demands for support for vulnerable people
  • We have assisted other Groups in setting up, provision of PPE and continue to work with them

Community Larder Partnership

We have partnered with the wonderful people at the SOFEA Community Larder Charity (based in Didcot). They kindly provided us food at no cost for the first 5 months, to help with the COVID-19 situation, whilst they could. The GWP volunteers have helped to distribute this, along with other essentials, to those in need.

Sadly the food is no longer free, as the charity cannot run unsupported financially. However the food picking and home delivery service, kindly provided by the GWP volunteers, is still completely free. Please register for the free home delivery of your SOFEA Larder Food below:

The community larder is normally a fee paying membership, currently this is £10 p/year plus £3.50 per week for Individual membership with 10 items of food a week plus fruit and veg and £7.00 per week for Family membership with 20 items of food a week plus fruit and veg. It is not a binding contract and members can cancel at any time. You only need register with the Community Larder once.

They are also in need of healthy volunteers, to assist in the warehouse in Didcot in processing the goods, please contact them if you can help with this.

Community Hub

After many changes of location, we are currently based out of the Southern Community Centre, GWP, Didcot.

We had previously setup a Community Hub at Boundary Park Car Park, GWP. This was primarily for the volunteers to collect PPE and Food Supplies.


It was open Thursdays 10am until 12pm and other times for food collection by larder members and PPE for our Volunteers.

inside hub

As we currently have no suitable venue to run a Community larder, this service has been suspended. [We require a suitable building with reasonable size, facilities, access and parking in or close to GWP]

A big thank you to Boundary Park Sports Association for allowing us to use their car park and to Taylor Wimpey for providing the container to use as our original Hub in a time of great need. Also a huge thank you to Guardsman for sponsoring us with hand sanitiser, this has allowed us to help keep all our volunteers and recipients safe.


Poster to place in vehicle or carry to identify legitimate purpose
GWP Phone information message for +447520642520

Support the GWPRA effort

If you are able to then please donate to assist our efforts to support the Community, please visit (best method) or our just giving page to donate. Alternatively visit our Just Giving page.

Wishing you all safe and well