GWP COVID19 Community Support Group

After just over 15 months, the 21st of June 2021 will be the last mass food deliveries for the GWP Community Support Group. The group will continue to function and provide support to the community, as we come out of the pandemic. In addition to providing reassurance should there be a subsequent downturn, we will continue to work on the Covid 19 Community Memorial Orchard.

GWP Community Support Group Achievements

  • We rapidly setup the support group from concept, to delivering in 3 days, starting the 12th March 2020.
  • We built a very efficient online system and process for dealing with requests and assigning them to volunteers. The system was able to cope with extremely high peak demands.
  • In addition to regional TV and Radio broadcasts, we delivered 3,300 leaflets around the area to raise awareness and provide reassurance
  • We obtained extensive protective equipment (PPE) for volunteers, allowing them to operate safely with nobody contracting CV19 and assisted other Groups in setting up and provision of PPE. Particular thanks to Safeclean by Guardsman and Guardsman Care & Repair for providing us with 120 bottles of hand sanitiser, at a time it was almost impossible to obtain.
  • Our community sewing team produced hundreds of face masks due to shortages and 98 sets of Scrubs for the local NHS Hospitals
  • In 15 months, we have completed over 1,600 assistance tasks which includes:
    • With the partnership with fantastic SOFEA, we have delivered well over 1,200 food packages across the wider Didcot area. Most of them provided completetly free and at a time when people needed it.
    • We have delivered over 350 prescriptions to those who were unable to collect
  • We set up a physical local “Hubs” firstly in a container (kindly provided by Taylor Wimpey) at Boundary Park, then the the Northern Neighbourhood Community Centre, then King Alfred Drive Community Centre and finally to the Southern Community Centre, these were to assist volunteers and reduce onward transmission opportunities
  • We setup web form, email and SMS help request services
  • Funding was obtained by applying for various Council grants and from individual donations.
  • We worked with the Councils, Charities, Pharamacies and NHS Hospitals to help service their demands for support for extremely vulnerable people
  • We amassed over 200 amazing community volunteers, which we provided with identification cards for them and their vehicles.

Thank you to all the Community and especially our active volunteers

Great Western Park Community Support Group Committee (Gareth Clarke, Tammi Williams, Ian Snowdon, Lewis Smart, Sarah Hayward-Turton, Jacek Glebocki, Sarah Medley and Matt Harwood)