GWP Health centre provision update

OCCG Update

  • OCCG provided an update to GWPRA on the Health Centre during the JUNE RA meeting
  • If anyone is interested in supporting the PPG (Patient Participant Group) they are always looking for volunteers – input into this group will also support this proposed facility.
  • Full video of the meeting is available on Youtube:
  • Key takeaways
    • Site plans to be 2 stories with a flat roof
    • Parking appears to have been addressed by trying to stagger patient times according to location
    • Centre will be an arm of the Woodlands Medical facility
      • Staffing will have to be split across the 2 sites
      • No need for patients to re-register if they are already at woodlands
    • Preferred builder has been identified
    • Pre-planning application has been sent
    • Various levels of planning and approvals need to happen before construction is underway
      • Still no defined timeline
      • Pushing for facilities to be ready by 2025