Illegal Encampment Update III

Monday 6th May 2019 – The trespassers finally left here yesterday.

A good number of residents have kindly volunteered to clean up the mess. Please don’t attempt this; the rubbish includes commercial waste, human excrement and other potentially hazardous items.

The Landowners, Taylor Wimpey, have already arranged for the professional removal and clean up of the area. This will likely take several days to complete, so please continue to avoid, especially if you have children or pets with you.

The GWPRA will continue to work with the Landowners, District Councils and Police, to prevent a re-occurrence of the illegal encampment. This will take to form of physical defensive measures, Court Orders in place and push for a change in legislation, to give greater powers of enforcement to protect the GWP Public Open Spaces long term.

Thank you to all who reported crimes and suspicious activity to the Police and informed the rest of the community. Remaining vigilant and looking out for your neighbours helps minimise the impact and reinforces the great community spirit we have here in Great Western Park.