Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Month Agenda Presentation Minutes
Sept 2017 GWPRA Agenda 11.09.17  GWPRA presentation 11.09.17
July 2017 GWPRA Agenda 05.07.17  GWPRA Presentation 05.07.17  GWPRA Minutes 05.07.17
June 2017 GWPRA Agenda 07.06.17  GWPRA Presentation 07.06.17  GWPRA Minutes 07.06.17
May 2017 GWPRA Agenda 04.05.17  GWPRA Presentation 04.05.17  GWPRA Minutes 04.05.17
April 2017 GWPRA Agenda 06.04.17  GWPRA Presentation 06.04.17  GWPRA Minutes 06.04.17
March 2017 GWPRA Agenda 02.03.17  GWPRA Presentation 02.03.17  GWPRA Minutes 02.03.17

An archive of previous Minutes and Agendas is available here

Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Newsletters are in PDF format so Adobe Reader will need to be installed on your computer to view these files.  Most computers now come with Adobe Reader pre-installed but if you find that it is not then the software is freely available from