Planning Application Southern Neighbourhood Park (Area T) P17/S1347/RM

This planning covers the play areas in the centre of the Southern District of GWP. The consultation deadline is 17/05/2017.

Some initial thoughts, please leave further FB comments, email or respond directly on the Council website:

  1. The northern portion has a road running through it; there must be provision for additional fencing and a pedestrian crossing and serious traffic calming bumps on this road. This is to better protect Children and Animals from the road traffic danger which will be present.
  2. The Southern Play area is well fenced from the spine road. Consideration should be given to protecting the Southern Exit gate with an additional fence section, preventing pedestrians or cyclists exiting the gate, straight into the road, unless this was to be opposite a dedicated pedestrian crossing with hard traffic calming.
  3. The area either side of the embankment slide should be also covered with bonded rubber mulch. The one at the Northern Play Park doesn’t and this has become a mud hazard for children and adults assisting children on the slide.
  4. The play galleon seems a good idea and perhaps the whole park could be a nautical theme. Maybe the applicant could consult with the South and Vale Arts officers to provide additional resources and advice.