Residents asked to help pick “the best mix” for the new Didcot Leisure Facility

People in Didcot and the surrounding areas are being encouraged to have their say on what features should be included in a new leisure facility to be built in the north east area of the town.

South Oxfordshire District Council is carrying out a consultation asking people what they think should be included as part of the design specification for the new Didcot Leisure Facility which will be published later this year.

With Didcot’s population increasing there is a clear need for a new leisure facility which will meet the needs of local residents and help showcase the town to a wider audience. The proposed facility will be very much part of Didcot’s future as the town continues to develop, with a large number of houses and community facilities set to arrive by 2027.

The new leisure facility is to be located in a proposed 2,030 home neighbourhood on land north of Ladygrove, adjacent to the Northern Perimeter Road. It is anticipated that the development site will include a range of community facilities to support the local population.

The council has carried out a supply and demand analysis of what features should be included in the new leisure facility. Members of the public are now being asked to complete an online survey which asks them to select their preferred facility mix from a list of options that they believe will best serve the local and wider area.

Workshops are also taking place in June and July with community groups, schools and other interested parties to help get a better understanding of what people want from the new leisure facility.

The online survey is open now and runs until Monday 22 July. To have your say simply visit

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