Updated* Planning Application for Nursery Site District Neighbourhood Centre GWP – P17/V0762/RM


Following the updated information from the applicant, it seems that a mini bus can be turned around in the car park but it is still a single entry car park with 3 staff spaces and 8 drop off only. This has to be very inadequate and will likely cause inconvenience for residents in the area. It is noted that the applicant is not providing an additional travel plan, stating a reliance on the original one for GWP, which has proved to be flawed particularly with regard to parking.

The Great Western Park Residents’ Association supports the planning application for the provision of a Nursery, with the following comments still all applying:

The application made by agent on behalf of Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd, a large national childcare provider https://www.brighthorizons.co.uk/ already with some local nurseries in operation in the local area.

  1. There is currently a very high demand for pre-school childcare on GWP. This is definitely a feature of a new estate with more affordable housing for the area.
  2. The occupants of the flats overlooking the play area should be subject to vetting (DBS), to ensure no unsuitable persons are housed there.
  3. The 17 Parking spaces maybe limited, given the number of nursery and pre school children proposed to be present. (33 Babies, 32 Toddlers & 32 Pre-School plus staff) Are there plans for a dedicated drop off zone? Would there be bans on parents using the carpark as is common? Would it be possible to make a shared parking scheme with the community centre and nursery, since their peak times are likely to be opposing? Oxfordshire Highways are also concerned about the Travel Plan, particularly the impact on Cherry Tree Road.
  4. There are no traffic calmed pedestrian crossings shown close to the Nursery, to enable safe passage across the spine road for the most vulnerable road users.